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Is West End better than West Bay in Roatan?


roatan west end and west bayNo matter if you are a first time guest or returning to visit the beautiful Roatan, you will have to make the decision of whether to stay in West End or West Bay. So I thought I would write an objective post and include other Roataners preferences.  But I want to hear from YOU (yes you, the reader) what you REALLY prefer as well!


At Lands End in West End Roatan

For me, the answer is easy: West End! I love West End because it is close to the action where everything is going on. West Bay is around fifteen minutes away, and you stick around more at your resort or hotel property. I will say that you should be choosy about where you stay in West End –  at Lands End, you are in a world all your own in West End, but a three minute walk from shops, restaurants, and bars which makes it an easy choice for me! Here are some pictures from my most recent trip to Roatan and my thought process!

hammock roatanHammocks

West Bay does not have as many hammocks available. It is a little more uppity.  I PERSONALLY love these soft hammocks –  they are very soft and not the net kind that hurt your skin. I could have slept in mine all night! If you really can’t stand to leave without a hammock, you can buy one to take with you – and the great thing about the shops in Roatan is that you can barter with the locals to get a good deal!

roatan best place to stay lands end

Unique Rooms and Flare

West End is certainly more artistic and creative, whereas to me, West Bay is more uniform. I like different and unique styles, which makes West End my number one choice.

roatan best hotel

Fun People! If you want to chat or get to know a stranger in a friendly environment, West End is definitely more open to that possibility!


Sunsets to Die For

IMG_2579I don’t think i have to say more about this sunset and view….so let me ask you…

Would you prefer to stay at West End or West Bay?

12 thoughts on “Is West End better than West Bay in Roatan?

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  2. You said your WE vs. WB would be objective but everything was slanted towards staying at Lands End 🙂 … there are a lot of other great places to stay in West End. But with that said …. my vote is definitely West End! Although the beach is picture perfect in West Bay, it is more “uppity” and not as laid back or as friendly as West End. West End is definitely unique and if you enjoy mingling with locals, expats & tourists … it is much easier in West End. You also can get a better feel for what life is really all about here. West Bay, IMHO, is more like being in Florida; and you are more isolated from the real Roatan. For more than 20 yrs, West End remains more my style!


  3. Creo que aquí faltó hablar de las playas… es uno de los puntos más importantes a comparar y no se mencionaron


  4. I think it’s the age of the person in most cases in which they prefer west end vs west bay. Our preference is west bay because it’s not so party hardy. There’s still some action just maybe not as much as west end. A short boat taxi will take care of that if before dark. Otherwise you have to take a taxi. I personally don’t think it’s that much of a cookie cutter but that’s my opinion. Either way I like both but prefer west bay.


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  6. I’m from Roatan, and I personally like West Bay (which is where I stay) over West End, mainly because if I want to go to West End its as simple as taking a taxi boat or a drive; whenever I want some peace and calm West Bay is definitely better than West End and the beach is better although everything there is more expensive. However, tourists who come looking for adventure and party time would rather stay at West End of course. Love your post!

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  7. Roatan is the best kept secrete in the Caribbean. my wife and I cannot wait to retire in Roatan soon. It’s the perfect retirement spot!

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  8. I have been wanting to ask you, Sarah, where is Roatan?
    Tamara ❤ ❤ ❤


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